North Carolina is typically too far north to be severely impacted by hurricanes. However, we can deal with a lot of rain and high winds. Please remember to follow the local weather news, such as WRAL, when a potential hurricane may hit the area and you may use this link to assist with preparations and you can download this checklist to assist with preparations as well. 

Please remember, when a hurricane may impact the area, to remove or secure all outdoor items. Gas grills must NOT be brought inside the home but are required to be secured outdoors for safety reasons. If you notice that any branches on trees near to the home are a potential hazard, please contact the office so that we may work with the homeowner to remove any tree limbs that could be hazardous to a home during strong winds.

After a storm, please check the home and property for any damage and notify 4 Rent Now, LLC and provide photos immediately so repairs can be completed quickly.